Buying Meds Online Without Prescription

Buying Meds OnlineIn the present economic scenario, the high prices of prescription meds in certain countries like the United States of America have made it quite difficult for the purchasers to go to the traditional way of brick and mortar pharmacies. More and more of these buyers are switching to the online pharmacies, because of the heavy discount and availability of these medicines. This has potentially increased the dangers on the buyers’ parts. Here are the threats and problems buyers should identify.

Why do people go for without prescription meds?

Why many of the buyers are switching to purchasing medicines through the online pharmacies is because of the availability of the drugs and medicines without prescription as well as because of the heavy discount that they get in most cases. However, in reality, rather than making a profit by saving huge on their bills, the buyers actually fall prey to a serious loss. They become victims of theft as many of these unregistered and illegal online pharmacies, regardless of their location and operating country, do not deliver any medicine, despite receiving the payment.

Some even go to the extent of faking their identity and call the consumers on behalf of the government authorities or organizations that control and maintain drug use, abuse and legal factor, such as the FDA in the USA. They threat the buyers to pay fine for buying the medicines without the Rx. Since no government organization operates and functions in this way, these calls should simply be avoided. But, buyers often fall prey to these and end up paying an unnecessary fine.

Purchasing meds without a prescription

Many of the online pharmacies sell prescription and OTC drugs, without any Rx. Some even offer prescriptions to those, who do not have any medical ailment. In many cases, these drugs are controlled substances like severe sedatives, narcotic painkillers, and steroids. Buying these drugs without prescription brings the potential threat of abuse. When they are purchased without a doctor script, it is very likely that they are taken without the prescribed directions. Hence, the health danger persists.

Without prescription, pharmacies may sell expired and low-quality meds

The online pharmacies that deal in medicines and drugs without a prescription, often compromise the quality of the drug. They are often out of date or expired and this is potentially dangerous for the health of the consumers. This is the case mostly with those internet pharmacies that are unregistered. Buyers do not pay attention to these factors and end up choosing a wrong site to shop for their medicines.

Without prescription meds may be forged

In the United States of America alone, the FDA received a number of reports from the buyers of medicines from online pharmacies without a prescription that they received forged drugs, when they ordered Ambien, Xanax, Lexapro or Ativan. What most people make the mistake of is that they choose foreign pharmacies that are operating from other countries, because of the huge discount that they get.

However, in reality, what they get is a forged, fake and a substitute chemical composition for the drug that they had ordered online. These are extremely dangerous in some cases and when consumed without an online doctor consultation, as they can cause severe health problems that need immediate medical attention and treatment or might lead to death.


Hence, it is always better that you pick and choose the online pharmacy very carefully. Always choose a site that is licensed and accredited by the government authority. A site that sells medicines and drugs only with prescription and has a consulting licensed pharmacist is a trusted one. If you live in the USA, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy is what you can trust. In the case of Canada, it would be the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.